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Is cm punk dating anyone

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Is cm punk dating anyone

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When he walked away from WWE back inhis story made wrestling worldwide news and he has been stuck in the spotlight ever since.

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Is cm punk dating

now it's Free! This didn't go down well backstage and gave both AJ and Punk a lot of heat, something that could have led to the duo datig away from the company. She has adopted many different personas during her wrestling career, but Daffney was her most famous and the one she will be remembered best for portraying.

Maria datiny been linked to Punk, as the two met during their tenures in Ohio Valley Wrestling. It is thought that her relationship with Punk didn't last very long, but was a seemingly beneficial one for both parties. Their relationship lasted nearly two years before ending in The couple looks perfect from the outside, but there have been many stories about them behind closed doors and many stories about CM Punk's personal life that give these rumours a lot more credibility.

When he walked away from WWE back inhis story made wrestling worldwide news and he has been stuck in the spotlight ever since. The couple spends a lot of their life in the limelight and so when they have problems in their relationship, then they always end up being reported on the internet.

Phoenix was beautiful but tough at the same time, and this special blend made her a mainstay for years with the company. She began her career in wrestling on the independent circuit and ed with Ring of Honor a year later. Kelly had a reputation in WWE one that was certainly unflattering for the young Diva and is thought to have been in relationships with a of WWE wrestlers.

Phoenix never responded to those comments. CM Punk dated Lita from and even accompanied Punk early.

So, while this didn't work out, it appears as though there isn't any pnk blood. She is currently wrestling in various independent promotions most notably under Shimmer Women Athletes. Punk turned her down so AJ decided to push him through a table. She also cited Harley Quinn as someone she tried to pattern her on-screen persona after.

Wwe news: cm punk blasts ex-girlfriend (presumably beth phoenix)

Who is cm punk dating? Net worth: How rich is she? Maria would then move on to different promotions in the following years, and she is now currently working for TNA. But, if the woman in question is Beth Phoenix, there's no doubt the backstage vibe is as awkward as ever for the "Straight Edge" superstar. Punk was in a relationship with Lita when he was in a storyline romance with AJ Lee and Punk then ended up leaving the former Team Extreme member for the woman who once idolized Lita and wanted to be just like her when she grew up.

After leaving the WWE inMaria went on to work for Ring of Honor for four years where she would meet her future husband, wrestler Michael Bennet. Are cm punk women dating?

5 facts that you didn't know regarding AJ Lee and CM Punk. Who is C. Kelly also had a two and a half year relationship with wrestler Andrew Martin Testbut the relationship ended prior to his death in Maybe he was scared that she would react the same way when he finally popped the question to her in real life.

Dating history

She stated that it was hard to see him everyday and then see him move on with his life without her. Punk earned all his success with several stops in many different promotions throughout the years before making it to datng WWE. CM Punk is perhaps one of the most controversial WWE Superstars of all The former Women's Champion dated Punk twice after the couple.

Punk dating? After working on the independent circuits for a few years, Brooks ed with TNA and began her professional wrestling career debuting with a Catholic girl persona in Before becoming a singles wrestler she worked primarily as a valet during her wrestling tenures.

Nevertheless, he did have many flings during his WWE tenure. Punk and Danger spent time on the independent circuit together and she is believed to be one of the many women Punk hooked up with during the beginning of his career.

His various relationships with a big part of the WWE's female roster has given him a reputation backstage and has also lead to many fans thinking that the marriage between himself and AJ is not going to last. The former longest reigning Divas Champion married Punk back in and retired from WWE after it was thought that there was a lot of heat on her backstage because of the way the Punk left the company. During his time in these different promotions, Punk gained a reputation of being a womanizer, more so during the beginning of his career.

Cm punk and his wife aj lee - 5 things you didn't know about the wwe couple

Jim and Sam Showviews. And it seems CM Punk has just become another name on that list. CM Punk never publicly admitted to dating Bayless, however while they were both in Ring of Honor rumors suggested that they were an item at one point in time. Her most notable work was as a backstage interviewer and part-time wrestler. Here you will be able to chat, date with single and beautiful women and men.

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This seemed to blow over quickly and the couple re-followed each other not long after. Punk have been married for 4 years. Ideally, one shouldn't mix business with pleasure, but when the wrestlers spend as much time traveling as they do with the divas, trysts are bound to occur. Comment One of most unique wrestlers in the wrestling industry, Anyonne Punk created a cult following fan base.

This didn't work out for the pair and instead, they anyons on a real-life romance that much like dwting of Punk's romantic links, didn't last very long at all. It seems that Maria took the break-up much harder than CM Punk though and has proclaimed that Punk actually broke her heart. "I realized it didn't matter who it was as long as someone was her boyfriend." In retrospect, CM Punk may regret commenting on his breakup as such matters are‚Äč. It helped her to put her emotions into a song and then move forward with her own life.

Fell in wrestling match. Phoenix is now happily married and has with former wrestler Adam Copelandwho is better known as Edge. Punk has never been one to be vocal about his past relationships, preferring to keep his life private, however, when it comes to Phoenix, he has fm his feeling towards her known.

And even though they were meant to look as though they didn't like each other any more on TV the couple still anoyne to date in real life and then get married back in It seems that the duo had a short fling while they were both travelling with WWE but it dsting one that lasted very long or proved to have any kind of mark on the lives of these former WWE employees.